ServeGoddessD - Lucy Lovejoy - Excruciating Denial in the Vacbed

Added: 04-03-2023

Note: The preview for this clip is lightly pixelated, but the clip itself is uncensored.
Lucy invites Her sub over to enter the vacbed, and he has no idea just how frustrating an experience hes about to have. It starts out calmly enough, but hes a little nervous. She asks him if hes scared because of Her or because of the vacbed, and he responds "both," and for good reason!
Once in place, Lucy turns on the vacuum and the air is sucked out, leaving him mummified and vulnerable in a latex cocoon. He has a very tiny breathing hole and his excited cock is sticking out. She can do what She wants with him. And hes about to find out more about Her devious plans.
Lucy approaches with some toys in hand, commenting that Shes feeling aroused and in the mood to fuck. She teases that he probably so wishes She wanted to fuck him, but She doesnt. She can fuck *with* him though. Or perhaps better stated, *on* him. She sits on top of him and reaches back to firmly grip the base of his cock and edge him ever so slightly. Just to remind him what that friction feels like and to produce some desperate whimpers. But from that point forward its about Her orgasms and his situation down there is mostly ignored.
Once he hears the vibrator turn on while Shes straddling him like furniture, he knows hes just an object. A desperate and denied object and that Shell be the only one experiencing orgasms tonight. Lucy moans while Her sub whimpers, unable to move an inch. She removes Her panties and comments that She bets hed love to see. But he cant. Lucy switches to Her dildo and has a first intense orgasm on top of him while he can only listen. But she informs him that She isnt done. She changes positions and has yet another. Still, Shes not done. Back to the vibrator and the whimpers underneath Her get so consistent She has to tell him to shut the fuck up. And then She cums again, this time rubbing it into his face before finally getting up to unwind. Maybe a little bit of Her orgasm made its way into that tiny breathing hole. If so thats literally all he gets. She lays Her panties on top of his twitching cock, and leaves him there.
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