ServeGoddessD - Lucy Lovejoy - I Feel Like You Should Ruin Him

Added: 30-07-2022

Featuring Lucy Lovejoy:Note: The preview for this clip is lightly pixelated, but the clip itself is uncensored.Lucy excitedly sprints into the bedroom where Her submissive has been stuck there in a sleepsack for quite a while and sits right down onto his face while I come around to straddle him. She has a wide smile on Her face as She exclaims that She's ready to fuck him up, and you know I'm more than down for this!Feeling him getting excited under Me I unlock and unzip the bondage sack and sure enough, he's already rock hard for Us. All the more fun to toy with! I start stroking him while Lucy correctly points out that he doesn't deserve too many privileges at once. If he's being stroked he probably doesn't deserve to breathe, so She removes Her bra to tease him, smacks him in the face with it, lays it over his eyes and then plops Herself down on his face to take his breath away. All of this stimulation is already driving him insane and he hasn't cum in a very long time.Knowing this, while My hand is still wrapped around his hard cock, Lucy leans forward and removes Her panties, giving him a view of everything within a few feet of his face. The sub is agonizingly frustrated and denied and tries not to focus too intently, but I literally grab him by the head and make him look. He's so aroused he could almost cry, but he's trapped in bondage and at Our mercy. As if that wasn't enough, Lucy then proceeds to grab her Hitachi and starts using it on Herself while he continues to be edged.Inspired, I retrieve My own identical vibrator and next thing you know Lucy and I are laying back along side the tormented sub pleasuring Ourselves while largely ignoring his please. I'm barely remembering to stroke him, letting his denied moans bring Me even closer to orgasm. We have a cute conversation, exchange information on Our vibe levels and technique as We both approach orgasm. Eventually, We both enjoy a pleasurable orgasm and the sub lays there in overwhelmed disbelief. You would think We'd be done at this point, but Lucy is a sadist and has another evil idea. "I feel like you should ruin him," She suggests.At this point Lucy returns to one of Her previous positions, completely naked and shaking Her ass right in front of his face while he begs Me to keep stroking and to not let go. A ruined orgasm has to be so frustrating. I couldn't even imagine how terrible it feels to know that everything that could fulfill his wildest sexual desires is right there in front of him, and I'm going to let go the moment he gets past that point of no return and take away ALL of his pleasure. Well, that's exactly what happened. I let go and We just sat and watched for several seconds until finally a pathetically small amount of cum trickled out of his cock. Completely unsatisfying. Beyond amused, you can see Lucy giddily skipping away as We leave him behind.
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