Heroine Universe - Savannah Star, Kobe Lee - "Savannah Star: Bath Slave" Kobe Lee Captures Savannah Star

Added: 06-11-2016


Savannah Star (Savannah, wearing a 2-piece outfit w/ sheer suntan pantyhose and white boots) sneaks into a location she suspects the evil Nylon Vixen (Kobe Lee, wearing a fishnet bodysuit) is hiding at. Once inside she immediately confronts one of the Vixen's goons, demanding to know where the Vixen is at, vowing her revenge. But before she can do anything, the Vixen sneaks up behind Savannah Star and BEARHUGS HER! She orders her henchman to "spray her," which he does, using a special spray he sprays Savannah Star in the face. She's instantly drowsy and helpless, as she falls to the couch. The Nylon Vixen thanks her henchman and then sends him off, as we fade to later, with the Vixen now teasing and taunting the helpless Savannah Star on the couch. She has big plans for this sexy superheroine, as she SLOWLY REMOVES SAVANNAH STARS BOOTS ONE AT A TIME. Once her boots have been removed, Savannah Star is teased a little bit, before the Vixen picks her up and helps her to the bathroom! We now see the Vixen helping Savannah Star (pantyhose and outfit still on!) into the warm bubble bath awaiting them. Laying back in the tub, the Vixen begins to tease and play with Savannah Star's helpless body. The Vixen brought the special spray in the bath with her, to keep Savannah Star in line. The Vixen REMOVES SAVANNAH STARS TOP, exposing her breasts, as she begins to wash her body. After a couple minutes, Savannah Star begins to come out of the effects of the spray, and is SPRAYED AGAIN! More washing of her body, using the loofah, as well as some body wash. The Vixen pays special attention to washing her entire body, from her breasts, down to her wet nylon feet. Savannah Star is the Vixen's helpless bath slave, as she tries to escape, but once again, is sprayed, and turns into a helpless drowsy girl, the plaything of the Vixen. The scene continues, with the Vixen rubbing and washing Savannah Star's body. After a short while, Savannah Star begins to come out from under the effects of the spray. She tries to leave, but before she can make an escape, the Vixen sprays Savannah Star with the spray, putting her back in her drowsy/compliant state. The Vixen then gets behind Savannah Star, and continues washing and fondling her. Under the effects of the special spray, Savannah Star is forced to enjoy it. After several minutes of washing her, the Vixen then orders Savannah Star to return the favor, and wash and fondle her! We see the Vixen on her knees in the tub, as Savannah Star washes and fondles her body with the luffa sponge. But soon we see Savannah Star coming out from the effects of the spray again, questioning what she's doing, trying to escape. But it's no use, as the Vixen has the spray handy, and sprays Savannah Star. Now back under control, she orders her to continue washing her. Savannah Star continues to wash and fondle the Vixen's body, now her back, before the Vixen returns the favor. After another minute or two of play, we see Savannah Star fight the effects of the spray, and realizing where she is, begins to choke the Nylon Vixen! The Vixen quickly grabs for the spray, and sprays Savannah Star in the face! Now back under her control, she has Savannah Star lay back in the tub, with her wet nylon feet out of the water, as the Vixen fondles and washes her helpless feet. Savannah Star, under the influence of the spray, seems to be enjoying it. But is it all a clever ruse on her part? The Vixen orders Savannah Star to wash her back, which she does. But with the Vixen not suspecting it, we see Savannah Star sneakily grab the spray, and when she's not looking, she sprays the Vixen with her own spray! The Vixen immediately becomes helpless, laying back in the tub, as Savannah Star is now in control for the first time. She playfully washes the Vixen's body, as she verbally teases her about how she's going to turn the Vixen into a good superheroine. But first she's going to have some fun with her. Cradling the Vixen from behind, she forces the Vixen to wash her body. Savannah Star continues to verbally tease the Vixen about how she's going to turn her to the good side. The Vixen is unsure, but Savannah Star gives her another spray, and it seems the Vixen is completely under her control now. Savannah Star has the Vixen MASTURBATE in a HOT scene where she forces herself to orgasm! Now that the Vixen is completely under Savannah Star's influence, at the very end Savannah Star tells her that the Vixen is her new superheroine partner and they're going to go fight crime together as good superheroines. It looks like this is the end of the Vixen's rain of evilness...for now.

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