Goddess Zephianna - the Queens Royal Feet

Added: 19-09-2022

I'm the high queen and I want to be entertained, so I summon a lowly peasant to crawl forth and ask him if he wants to smell my royal foot. Of course he does. I ask how it smells, and he replies, "like divine royalty, my queen." I explain that he likes to smell stinky feet because he's gutter trash. Not even worthy of status, his title is the local 'foot sniffer.' slave boy is lower than the dirt that I walk on, unfit to lick my shoes. In fact, his very existence must be punished--I command him to bring my crop whip, so I can use scum boy as a footstool and whip his ass while continuing to belittle his existence. And you aren't even good at being a footstool, go fetch my stool and...I shouldn't have to lift my own feet, idiot! Raise each foot and place them properly, then lick them clean--make sure they don't stink for when my guests arrive. Then just to amuse myself, I make lil scum peasant take my royal foot deep into his mouth...deeper, deeper, until he gags on it. Then repeat with my other foot until he gags again and nearly throws up his gruel. Now, I have better things to do...crawl away, foot fool.
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