Goddess Zia - Angry Landlady - Cruel Trampling

Added: 21-12-2021

Im relaxing on the couch when my rommate arrives. He is totally fuddled and tries to touch my leg and harass me. It was a very bad idea because I am a kickboxer. I him on his knees and start to punish him with face slaps. This slult soon cries for mercy but I enjoy very much to him and i wont stop it.:) I decide to make him my domestic slave. He agrees with everything what I tell him. Wow I really enjoy to humiliate him. He kisses my shoe like a puppy when I command him to do it. Finally he totally collapses and start a new life like my slave forever.:))) Later I humiliate him brutally. I him to clean my very dirty and muddy high heels with his tongue. He begs and cries for mercy but I dont care. So he has no choice. He almost even puked and I just enjoyed more how he was suffering. After I continue the humiliation and . He has to eat dirt and mud again but now from my soles.:)) He tires to resist but now he afraid of me extremely so he has no chance to escape from the dirty feet licking.:) I him to eat all of the dirt off of my feet.:) Later my feet are still very dirty. So I want him more with them. I smother him with my dirty, muddy feet and soles. I tie a rope around his neck in case he wanted to escape of this game:))) He screams for air but I enjoy very much his pain.:))) After I little bit play with him with my dirty feet. So I him to smell my dirty, stinky feet. I love that he hates to do it.:))) In this clip I trampling on him very cruelly. I jumping on his chest, standing on his head, stomping to his face, and make him to lick my dirty soles.:)))

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