The Dacey Harlot - Goddess Fina - Extreme Angry Ball Busting For A Creeping Perv!

Dexter's Busted Again!  This time Dacey's caught him staring at Goddess Fina's tits!  Seems like the only way to teach him a lesson is to brutally bust his balls into submission and put him back into place.  Every time he even glances down he's betting blasted right in his cock and balls.  He still can't help himself.  Furiously Goddess Fina and Dacey take turns kicking Dexter in his balls while they scream at him and humiliate him making sure he never forgets today's lesson.  As they pummel his cock and balls reminding him of his place and dropping him to the floor.  Where he belongs. But there's no escaping their punishment not even the floor is safe.  When he drops to his knees they both just use the opportunity to kick him square in his balls.  When he writhes on the floor they jump on top of him smashing his cock against his body and squish his balls so hard they almost pop out of his sack.  He begs, pleads and promises he'll never look at another woman's breasts without their permission while one smashes his cock and the other kicks him in the balls.  Begging he offers to even blind himself to make the punishment stop.  Unfortunately it backfires and only gives them another idea of how he needs to be punished... Blinding while being busted!  Fina smothers him with her feet smashing her feet into his eyes and face blinding and smothering him while Dacey continues to bash him in the balls, kicking, smashing and laughing all the while.
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