Under Goddess Amihra - The Surprise Accident

Added: 09-03-2024

C4S TOP 10 HOTTEST CLIPS----BIG Step-Sister to "The Accident"... a MUST have. --------- My asshole boyfriend spent all his money this week on stupid car "upgrades" when we were supposed to be going shopping and out to eat. Now we can't.. He thinks hes just going to sit around and play his Xbox.. haha. Sorry, no honey. Unlucky for you my IBS has been going insane all day, and you've royally pissed me off. I lay him down on the bed and strap his arms and his legs down TIGHT so he can't get away.. He has no idea whats in store for him.. I leave the room and put on something sexy.. just to tease him.. because I WONT be letting him cum!! This is for my enjoyment, not his, he doesnt matter. He's just a slave to my ass.. I straddle his face, lowering my tight little victorias secret panty covered crack onto his face.. rubbing my butthole up against his nose.. blowing my disgusting farts through my already smelly panties I worked out in earlier.. It must be awful.. But the smell is not enough. I want him to SUFFER. I smother him until he can't take it anymore.. often over a minute.. I don't know how long he can take this.. But I'm finding out. He'll be struggling for air.. just as I lift my ass ever-so slightly so he can get his lungs full of another nasty fart. You don't get fresh air, you get fresh ASS! Take it bitch!!! I stuff a pillow under his head and take off my panties making it harder for him to struggle.. Asking him how it feels to be my chair?! Am I heavy? but all I hear is MMPFFF as he suffers under my ass. When he struggles too much I slap him, sitting forward this time with his nose deep in my pussy, its so much harder for him to breathe or even struggle in this position;).. Finally I finish him off with one last HUGE FART.. But surprise baby, it's your favorite!! A SHART! HAHAH!! OOPS. Now struggle under my ass and fight for air while I grind and it into your nostrils my little bitch, you'll be smelling this shart the rest of the WEEK!!!!!!!-----------CLIP CONTAINS MULTIPLE CAMERA ANGLES, CLOSE UP, MID RANGE & FULL BODY INCLUDING FACE. REVERSE AND FORWARD PANTY&NUDE PUSSY/ASS SMOTHERING, BONDAGE, TOILET HUMILIATION, LOTS OF DIRTY TALK, SLAPPING, 40+ RAUNCHY FARTS, MULTIPLE SMOTHERS OVER 1:00 followed by a NASTY 5 min "shart" massage to finish him off>:)...------ This is "The Accident"s big & better step-sister & the best to date.
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