GoddessD, Macy Nikole - Seduction in Chastity

Added: 13-11-2022

You'd think he'd know that We're playing a trick on him, but dummy is just so vulnerable to seduction that he falls for it completely. I have him in the sleepsack and in chastity. Just set right up with the chastity device sticking right out from the sack.
Macy Nikole enters the room, key in hand. Where did She get it? Well, She claims it was just sitting out and She didn't know what it went to, and that I was out running errands and would be gone for a while. Macy was immediately sympathetic to dummy's plight upon walking into the room. An audible "awww" feeling really sorry for him and indicating that She wanted to provide him with some relief.
Being incredibly nice to dummy, Macy offers him some temporary freedom. He deserves to have some fun once in a while too right? After all, D gets to have all the fun She wants. She then claims that it's "really hot" in the room and starts removing layers of clothing. Total giveaway right? You'd think that as She slowly strips down and reveals a micro bikini underneath, he'd start to figure out something is unusual here? Nope, his horny, two months orgasm denied self can't think about anything but interacting with Her. He doesn't suspect a thing. He tries to be good, he's afraid of getting caught, but Her seductive charms are just far, farrrr too much for his weak male mind. Finally, dummy caves and gives in, agreeing to let Macy uncage him. Macy makes him ask for it out loud, and he does eagerly. And then, while putting the key into the lock, She yells out for Me!
I knew he'd fall for it. I storm in. We laugh at him hysterically. I throw his keys all the way across the room and probably into a floor vent. Macy reveals Herself to be nothing of the sweet considerate friend She portrayed herself to be to dummy. She was on My side all along, obviously. We torment him for the next ten minutes, capitalizing on his sexual frustration. Macy sits on his face in a tiny thong while I toy with his caged cock. Everything spirals out of control for him, knowing that there's no way he's getting out of chastity any time soon, if ever at this point after such betrayal.
It sure is nice having beautiful model friends around who are willing to help Me put My sub to the test! I'm always happy to return the favor of course. We're all on the same team here and some of these subs just can't be trusted and need soooo much training.
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