Goddess Taylor Knight - Perfect Secretary Addiction

Added: 01-10-2023

Dear Boss, You couldn't help but hire me based solely on the fact that I am the most GORGEOUS, STUNNING & PERFECT creature you have ever saw in your life. Am I even human? Nah...I am a GODDESS! From my perfect face, to my perfect natural DD breasts, and my looong 41' legs... It didn't take long for me to get moved into this cushy city view office...But I want more!!! I quickly learned what makes you tick, your deepest desires, and I have been peeking into the finances at the company.. So I stayed after work, as I have SECRET to tell you! I put on my sexy red lingerie, my red lipstick, my Wolford pantyhose & my high heels... I call you in...I tell you my secret & seduce you..I mind fuck you. I want you to listen carefully to every word that comes from these sexy lips. I need to warn you now- After this session you will be completely addicted, and have ONLY ME on your brain for the rest of your life. *Be careful what you wish for boss. You are going to end up with nothing. It will all be mine. BUT I told you my secret, so you understand. Let it go.. Give in.. Let me have it... I have all the power now. xoxo, Your Goddess for life. Pick which one describes you best. And SHOW me ... Add the Code theat describes you to your Order: . 20% Markup 'Maybe I'll feel a little better to try this' code: feelbetter $25 Markup 'I must because I can't lie to myself. I'm a loser' code: cantlie 100% Markup 'Small dick fee!' code: smalldick 50% Markup 'Starting to feel owned by mistress Taylor' code: feelowned 75% Markup 'Hoping she will notice me if I do this' code: plznoticeme 100% Markup 'Was not allowed to, but I did' code: oopsicame 500% Markup 'Addicted to Mistress Taylor Draining me' code: drainme 1000% Markup 'Maybe if she keeps seeing me tax myself, 1 day I will get a chance to worship her in person!' code: allowme
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