Star Nine - Our Secret

Added: 20-02-2024

With Star Nine!
I come into your room to wake you up with a good morning kiss. As I cajole you to get out of bed you ask for a kiss with tongue. I'm taken aback, I'm your step-mother and I explain that kisses with tongue are for girls you aren't related to. You beg and I relent, I can't say no to my sweet boy. I swirl my tongue in your mouth and blush when you say you like the taste of Mommy's spit. I liked our kiss too, maybe a little bit too much & explain that we can't tell your father or brothers about this. You convince me to kiss you again and I moan in pleasure.
I stand up and twirl around in my pretty dress and show off my stockings. I only wear them because I know how much you like them. You want to see Mommy's panties and I lift my skirt. I don't know what's going on with me, when you ask to lick Mommy's panties I let you. I moan with pleasure under your tongue.
Now you want to fuck Mommy. It's so wrong, but I want it too. I want to feel my boy cumming back inside of me. It's so wrong but it feels so right, this will be our little secret.
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Includes taboo, virtual sex, stockings, panties, pov
milf momma's boy older woman younger man mother's day dirty talking nylon worship fetish clothes fetish clothing dress fetish kink moaning fetish female orgasms mommy roleplaying
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