Jenna St James - Doom Perfume - High Heels

Added: 27-12-2021

This was a custom clip, no names were used. What he wanted: "You play a villainess with a secret weapon - you have a “doom perfume” on your body that turns the good guys into fap zombies and destroys them the instant they cum to your deadly beauty! I’m with a tactical team of dozens of men attempting to take down the lethal villainess Jenna. Guns drawn, we storm your room, but we’re instantly stopped in our tracks at the sight of you! Plus there’s a poison in the air that’s drifting from your hot body. Every man in the room suddenly drops his gun and grabs his “other gun,” as we whip out our cocks and start jerking uncontrollably to you! You laugh at how quickly your “doom perfume” got us hard and horny... Now that you’ve got us jerking off, we don’t stand a chance - we’re all fucked! You start with lots of high heel dangling and foot domination stuff - the poison is strongest when it’s emanating from the warmest parts of your body like your sweaty feet and shoes. Combined with your verbal encouragement, it doesn’t take long before some guys start edging to orgasm! If you flash a little pussy at a guy, he’s GONE - the blast from your poison pussy causes him to have the most massive, toe-curling cumshot ever! It destroys him instantly: he’s dead before he even hits the ground. One by one you go around the room, picking off guys and destroying us, giving us the middle finger and a dismissive remark - “You’re dead!” - right before we cream and die! I’m jerking madly for dear life, but it’s hopeless - the bad girl is wiping out all the good guys. You laugh and encourage me to cum and die; you dangle your high heel in my face, and then you go in for the dispose with a flash of your pussy - I’m instantly fucked out of this world by you!!! Dead in my own cum puddle - what a way to go!"

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