Miss Brandon - Task Mommmy comes home and finds in her Room

Added: 22-12-2021

My diapered Sissy Stacey is given a Task EVERYDAY this was one of them, he was given the above title/sentence to create a fantasy around it...I liked it so much I made it a reality in this clip...Follow me and my Diapered through his journey on Twitter! Daily pics and updates! GoddessBrandon Mommmy comes home from a long day of work, she walks into her bedRoom and finds boy......frantically moving things about, as if trying to hide something. “What are you doing in here little one? You know you aren’t allowed to touch Mommmy’s things while she is out.” My face turns red as I look down at the floor. “Oh I see, not going to tell me?” You say in a stern and sarcastic tone. “From the looks of the front of that diaper of yours, I know you were doing something inappropriate for b@bies…even a little wee wee like yours makes an unsightly little bulge when it swells.” I start to speak up, I want to tell you how frustrating it’s been for me since being demoted from a man, to a helpless, denied, and diapered . I want to tell you how cruel you are for ignoring my needs as a man, denying me orgasm, punishing my erections. I want to say that when you change my diapers with your soft womanly hands, that is the only form of physical pleasure my penis has felt in weeks and how badly I need you to stroke me off sometimes instead of pulling a diaper up over my little erection and taping it snugly away. Thinking of the last time when after you diapered me, you absent mindedly patted the front of my diaper just enough to cause my little dick to spasm and erupt, while you didn’t even react and went on with your own business, I manage to say “Sorry.” “Sorry What?” you say with your arms crossed and one foot tapping on the floor. “Sorry Mommmy” I mumble and reach forward, revealing in my hand a pair of dirty panties I found on your bathRoom floor. They were the panties you wore out the night before on a date with a man you met. You’ve been talking on the phone with him in front of me every night for about a week. Jealousy burns in the pit of my stomach as you laugh and flirt with him, I even wet my diaper intentionally so you would stop talking to him and pay some attention to me a few nights ago. Anything to get some attention on my aching little cock and balls. “I see. What were you doing with these?” I’ve heard that tone before, it’s my last chance to be honest before a serious punishment. I decide to just admit it “I was trying to put them down my diaper and rub them against me.” I start to cry a little from embarrassment. “Aw, see, that wasn’t so hard to admit.” You say as I start to sniffle. “You just miss me that’s all, I haven’t been spending a lot of time with you lately because of work and going on dates.” Smiling at me you start to laugh a little. “But that is no way for a baby to behave, especially over their mommmies.” You motion for me to lay down on the bed, which I do. “Legs up!” you say as if commanding a pu.ppy to sit. I raise my legs and you untape my diaper pulling it off, leaving my tiny little penis exposed in the cool air. Its been hours in that hot diaper and my penis is red. “Now, I am sorry that I have been neglecting you lately, but the fact of the matter is, we agreed you could not please me as a man, and you don’t have any self-control down there.” You take a glob of cream and coat your finger with it, sliding it around the outside of my butt hole, coating it lightly. “You agreed with me, and agreed to surrender all privileges as a man.” You now have 4 fingers coated and are rubbing my penis in a nonsexual way, coating it to protect it from the heat, wetness, and rubbing of the diaper. Unfortunately for my penis, the contact springs it to life. “You see, I barely touch you and your little cock practically explodes. How many times did you cum in your own pants, against my leg, or on the outside of my pussy, when we tried to have sex? Dozens? “ The light contact and humiliating words cause my tiny cock to twitch. “I’m not going to punish you because I understand how much you miss me, but the sooner you accept that your cumming is simply a bodily function for you, and not sexual to me in anyway…(TAPE)…and that erections from seeing me get dressed, or while changing you, or talking to you, or even seeing me naked…(TAPE)… are completely inappropriate…” I lift my ass up, roll over and hump the inside front of my diaper once, its all the friction I need to erupt under your watchful eye and command…Mommmy knows best doesn’t she. “the sooner you will be happy…and the sooner you’ll make me happy.”

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