Dreamgirls In Socks - Harpers Well Worn Socks

Added: 21-12-2021

Harper has been wearing the same pair of socks for about a month now, just to give a second try to our sweaty socks challenge, because she wanted to make sure she would easily win again another time! She has been wearing the same pair of white socks for so long, so she thought it could be nice to also give you the chance to grab a deep sniff on her socks! She tells you how bad she would love to use you as a slave, then just takes pleasure to tease you with her boots on, just before she takes them off to tease you with her sweaty white socks! The smell of her socks was just so strong, that they were smelling all over the room! Just imagine when she makes you stick your nose, right in her socks! she wants you to stick your nose right in her socks, and take a deep sniff of her socks! The smell of her socks is actually so strong, so it seems like it totally turns you on! Your dick is getting hard, so she knows now that you would probably like to jerk off on her feet! She makes you sniff and lick the dirty bottom of her socks, just before she takes them off, to completely cover your face again with her sweaty naked feet! She makes you take some deep breaths in her feet, and makes you lick the sweaty bottom of her feet too! She takes pleasure to verbally humiliate you, while you are jerking off at her feet, and she tells you how bad she would love to feel your load of cum on her feet! Just be ready to serve like a good slave!
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