Miss Brandon - Your First Love Part 4

Added: 10-11-2020

Miss Brandon - Your First Love Part 4
Miss Brandon - Your First Love Part 4

Miss Brandon - Your First Love Part 4

Wow, talk about lucky both your Step-Father and STEP-mother are out tonight so you decide to take full advantage of having the house to yourself. You camp out in the master bedroom tonight playing video games and watching porn on the biggest TV in the house is going to be awesome. At some point you must have fallen resting and wake to the sound of something dropping onto the floor, high heels perhaps. Doors open and close and through your blurred vision you can see...Your step-mom stumbling into the room, dressed sexy as hell, disheveled she has clearly had a few tonight with her friends, it was ladies night after all and she can't turn down buy 1 get 1 free Tito's and Sparkling Water! She notices you, oh so you think...."Heyyyyy Babbbbbbby she slurs, I didn't expectttttt youuuuu homeee tonnnight" Oh Fuck. She thinks you're your step-dad!!! She squints and trips and slurs on her words and she tells you how horny she gets after a few drinks, she pulls out her big tits and shows you her bush covering her pretty pussy. You are instantly hard, you know you shouldn't but she slides you right inside her and your step-mom begins to ride you. She remarks on how you are "harder" than usually, you feel better than normal, she notices you cum faster than usual too but she hardly cares as she eventually and peacefully slips into dreamy state for the night after you fucked her and made her YOU VERY FIRST TIME!
In the morning she begins to stir and you can see even as she lays there quietly why your step-father is so in love with her. She begins to rise and when she sees you in her bed she is horrified she tries to cover up and shove her tits and pussy back into her tiny dress.
"how long have you been here? Watching me?" she demands and tells you to leave immediately but you explain that you've been here all night. All night with her. She is confused but quickly realizes what you're implying. How could this happen? Omg? I took my step-sons virginity. You see the panic all over my face and I beg you to say nothing and you seem to figure out you have some kind of upper hand here, you coyly convince your STEP-mom to suck your cock and swallow your cum and you will keep it between you two....she slides your dick into her mouth and slurps, sucks and swallows every inch of your cock like you could have never imagined possible.

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