Goddess Taylor Knight - VORE Social Experiment Part 2

Added: 21-11-2022

*Custom Video as follows*
Please wear the red bikini and film with the throne chair. The main story line... shrinking technology is now available and you have willing slaves that volunteer for the honor of serving Goddess Taylor Knight. You love to devour tinies. Feel them squirm in your mouth as you gulp them down alive. You love feeling them squirm all the way down. But most of all you love the feeling of a full belly with squirm slaves fighting against the inevitable. You love the complete control over your slaves and your power over them. 
Again I really like a FULL BELLY with these customs. Please push belly out and make it look full for digestion portion.
Begin filming with you sitting in throne, legs crossed, rubbing belly, and licking lips. Talk to the camera as if you are filming something for your slaves on social media. Talk about now that shrinking technology is available you demand your slaves to volunteer for the honor of serving their goddess. Once shrunk we completely belong to you. Our lives, our very purpose is to satisfy you. To serve and please our goddess. Talk about how you much you love our taste, feeling us slide down your throat, and feeling us squirm inside your belly as we digest. Tell the camera, my giantess vore fans this is your chance to live out your fantasy. Come give yourself completely to Goddess. Serve me, feed me, satisfy my insatiable belly. All the while rub your belly, lick lips, close up of mouth, snap teeth at camera. Seductive teasing of potential prey. 
Next shot, still sitting on throne...pan across from feet, up body, stop at angle with you looking down at the camera. Talk about how now that is over you are ready for dessert. Lick lips and mention how you just ate a big meal and are ready for some of your newest tinies...
Next shot, camera in a bowl or plate. Pretend you have a few tinies that have volunteered to serve Goddess. Smile down upon them. Hello my little morsels. My belly is really full but don’t worry. There will be room for everyone, lick lips. My belly is excited to meet you. Pick camera up open wide while holding above head. Good shot of wide open throat as you lower camera into mouth. Transition to filming outside mouth for loud gulp, mmmmh, he was delicious. Trace path of swallowed tiny down throat, rub belly, talk about how you can feel him all the way down. Camera back in bowl looking up at Goddess. You rubbing belly, asking the camera... who is next. 
Repeat similar shots another two times, where you pick up the camera. Some teasing your prey. Snapping teeth at the camera. Please on one of the swallow scenes right before you put the camera into your mouth, lick lips, teasing bite lip, and say enough playing around... come to mama. 
Film you rubbing belly and feeling stuffed when you realize there should be one more tiny slave in the bowl. How dare one of your slaves disobey Goddess. 
Switch to tiny perspective from the floor looking at throne with Goddess Taylor sitting. Goddess demands the tiny slave come back and accept their fate. We are nothing but food, here to serve goddess and her belly. Our only purpose is to satisfy your hunger. Rub belly, really push it out, make it look full. Stand up, look around the room. You are gonna make goddess look for you? You will end up in my belly just like the others. Start walking around slowly.
Switch camera view. I want the camera on your breasts looking down. Get a view of your belly while you walk slowly. I want to see breast and belly in this angle. You walk slowly, rub belly. Talk about how full you are. Goddess can feel you struggling my little ones. Mmmmm. There is no escaping this fate. You volunteered to be mine forever. I will find you and devour you alive. 
A few different angles of Goddess looking for the tiny. 
Final view... tiny on the floor. Goddess Taylor’s feet slowly approaching. Camera angle looks up. Goddess standing over me, smiling, licking lips, rubbing belly. I found you! Goddess get on all four above me. A shot of her belly from this view. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Do you see how full I am? Soon you are gonna be squirming with the others. Still on all fours. Bring face down to camera for close up. Lick lips slowly. I love it when my slaves fight all the way down. Come to mama,  open mouth, let tongue out for swallow scene. Next shot... camera filming you as you lift upper body upright. Tiny is inside your mouth. You are upright while sitting on floor. Close up of throat, loud gulp, mmmm, trace path of tiny all the way down. Burp if you can. Rub belly. Stretch, lay down on side. Point belly towards camera. Tease prey while we digest. Really push belly out to make look full. We are nothing but food. We completely belong to you. How much you love hearing our cries and feeling us struggling within your belly. 
I like seeing clips with at least a few minutes of belly digestion/ teasing at the end. Thank you. Can’t wait to see the finished product.
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