Goddess Taylor Knight - Doctor Taylor's Summer Feminization Clinic

Added: 04-07-2022

"Doctor Taylor's Summer Feminization Clinic" 
Full Movie (Custom Fantasy Clip)
All you remember is camming with me the day before & a beautiful Goddess making fun of your small penis. the fact that I mentioned something about, "if a beta loser like you were to serve Me, you would have to be transformed into a real life cock sucking bimbo woman!
Lucky for you moments before I melted your brain and you entered mindfucked gooner trance mode, I had you sign up for and purchase My Platinum Ticket to this summer's Inaugural "Dr. Taylor's Summer Feminization Clinic" to be hosted by yours truly at My amazing spa!  This will be an all inclusive clinic, you've committed to the full package, it's a legally binding contract, there's no turning back.  This will be amazing, you will leave this summer retreat clinic a profitable sissy for Goddess.
Oh and it also comes with an extra large pink when ever you show off My work they will be sure to Pay Me!
This summer at My amazing Miami Beach spa,  you will be welcomed into a complete mind-fuck of an experience, our immediate trance and you given mantras will fill you with all new purpose to serve at a deeper level
Another success coming out of Doctor Taylor's Summer Feminization Clinic!
My Good Subordinates add a markup code don't be pathetic, show me you are a good boy & add one! Maybe I will actually notice you for a

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