Mistress Jennifer and Friends - Sinderella - FULL MOVIE

Added: 23-02-2024

BEST VALUE - MAY SPECIAL - Mistress Rose leads off and does some solo face sitting and has slave sinderella worship Her pussy which is freshly filled with Her boyfriends cum (so She says). Mistress Tangent joins in and they make him lay flat while they torment him underfoot. Mistress Rose just cannot seem to stay off his face and is loving having Her pussy orally serviced.Mistress Tangent helps Mistress Rose get the most out of the tongue in Her pussy and stomps on his cock and helps him eat Her out. Mistress Rose stands and gets Her asshole reamed out by the slaves tongue.Time to play nurse maid they tell their submissive. They have him on his knees and Mistress Rose has such perfect young breasts. They tease him with Her two perfect tear drops and then he gets to nurse. Mistress Tangent stands by and assists with verbal and directs his head to each of the perfect peaches poised in front of his mouth. Now its time to pay for his fun and they get him on all fours and try and squeeze his balls until they burst. He yells a lot and they enjoy his agony a great deal before putting him to his knees again to nurse as reward for all the pain in his big balls. They show him his pink outfitlittle panties and a matching bra and get him dressed as their sissy.The sissy stands in his pink bikini underwear as they laugh at him. They help him on with his high heels and then try and make him walk like a woman. Instead he walks like a gorilla and they laugh and laugh while they humiliate and use him. They want to make their sissy suck some cock so they produce two dildos and get him to his knees. Both take turns reaming his mouth out with their cocks.The sissy sucks both cocks and then Mistress Rose leads him over to the couch and She sits down so he can bob his head in Her lap as Mistress Tangent sits on his back and torments him. They lay him down and Mistress Rose starts to milk him out as Mistress Tangent crops his balls. They decide to have the most fun he should swallow his load down directly out of his dick so they insert a metal dental dam to keep his mouth open wide and curl his feet over back of his head so his cock is lined up. Mistress Roses talented hand milks him like a cow and he quickly spews a huge mess right down his own throat.CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OUR COMPLETE MOVIES
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