Dominatrix An Li - Mistress An Li - Restrained Bitch Full Movie

Added: 18-06-2022

Part I.What could be more classic than a predicament hogtie?I've just bought some new bondage equipment and I'm antsy to try them out. Bondage mitts that zip to each other, keeping the slave in perfectly bound helplessness. And the first thing that pops into my mind is using them in a hogtie by zipping the mitts together behind his back.I love the experience of making my slave more and more helpless. Removing his mobility. Feeling him struggle under the tension of the bondage that I've put him in. Exquisitely restrained into sheer immobility. Unable to escape and entirely at my mercy.Watch me bind up slave gimpy bit by bit with all leather restraints – layering a muzzle over his already hooded and blindfolded face, cuffing every limp, putting mitt restraints on all his extremities, spreader bar between his already stretched legs, and then tying all that together with chains that pull back his head, legs, and arms in an oh-so-compromising position.This is a video for those true bondage fetishists who love the experience of being put in bondage.Part II.Do you know what is one of my favorite things to do when my slave boyfriend is in bondage?Ignore him. Because let's be honest, sometimes I just don't care enough about him. After all, he's just an object. And objects are seen and not heard (not that he can talk with his mouth gagged tightly). Sometimes I just want to lie around, read a book, and not even think about the fact that I have a hogtied slave on the bed with me.Or more precisely, sometimes I just want to lie around with my ass right in front of gimpy's face while he's restrained in one of the most exhausting hogties of his life, reading my book and only humorously aware of the fact that he could only be turned on by the scent of my ass and pussy right in front of him. Me absentmindedly teasing and denying him while his body is restricted, his eyes are blindfolded, and his mouth is gagged, only leaving his nose nestle in my ass.And sometimes I need to take a break from reading, only to relentlessly tease him even more. Ignore, tease, deny...This is the hottest tease and denial clip I've filmed thus far. You don't want to miss this, sluts.Part III.After spending so much time in that hogtie, it's time to switch things up. I untie slave gimpy bit by bit, leaving all the same bondage equipment on him but readjusting him to a more...revealing situation.It's time to use the new bondage mitts exactly what they're used for – to attach to a fun new sensory deprivation hood! I lace him up tightly in the hood, zip it up, and bit by bit, strap him down to the bed. His arms, waist, and legs get chained down to the bed. His legs get spread open. His asshole gets filled. And then it's time to play...A super sexy video showing the process of bondage and the teasing that goes along with it...Part IVYou know what time it is. After all that teasing, tying,'s time to finally let gimpy cum.And not just any normal cum. No, I'm going to edge him with my hands while sounding him. I'm going to jerk him off while a thick, stainless steel medical rod probes his urethra. His asshole is plugged, his whole body is bound, and my ass is on his sensory-deprived face. You know this is the right setting for an...explosive scene.And remember: I don't even let gimpy orgasm anymore. In fact, I save his possible orgasms just for video shoots. He only gets one orgasm every month or two, and they're pretty much always ruined, which means he's very full and very horny. So this time? It's almost too easy. I mean, when a bitch is that full, you can make them cum without making them orgasm...PS: This is one of my most explosive ruined orgasms to date. You won't want to miss this.Features: bound orgasms, orgasm control, orgasm denial, ruined orgasms, cbt, cock ball torment, femdom handjob, edging, cock tease, chain bondage, medical play, urethral sounding, strict male bondage, leather bondage restraints, handjobs, cocktease, tease and denial,, sensory deprivation, frog tie, wing tie, sendep, bondage set up, hog tie, ass smelling, ass sniffing, pussy smelling, pussy sniffing, sensual domination, classic bondage, predicament bondage, hogtied, extreme bondage slave
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