Dominatrix An Li - Mistress An Li - Restrained Bitch Part IV

Added: 16-06-2022

You know what time it is. After all that teasing, tying,'s time to finally let gimpy cum.And not just any normal cum. No, I'm going to edge him with my hands while sounding him. I'm going to jerk him off while a thick, stainless steel medical rod probes his urethra. His asshole is plugged, his whole body is bound, and my ass is on his sensory-deprived face. You know this is the right setting for an...explosive scene.And remember: I don't even let gimpy orgasm anymore. In fact, I save his possible orgasms just for video shoots. He only gets one orgasm every month or two, and they're pretty much always ruined, which means he's very full and very horny. So this time? It's almost too easy. I mean, when a bitch is that full, you can make them cum without making them orgasm...PS: This is one of my most explosive ruined orgasms to date. You won't want to miss this.Features: bound orgasms, orgasm control, orgasm denial, ruined orgasms, cbt, cock ball torment, femdom handjob, edging, cock tease, leather bondage, chain bondage, medical play, urethral sounding
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