CPL Wrestling - Janira WolfeCMX - JVN-009 Smother And Scissor Exterminator

Added: 31-05-2021

Janira Wolfe is known to have a real hate on for men, in fact it brings her great pleasure to humiliate n belittle them. Chadam was brave enough to test this theory, and after she is done with him, he may have wished to not even step onto the mats to face her. Janira was dressed in her perfect hip hugging thong, and matching bra, looking very sultry. Chadam almost seemed hesitant as he climbed onto the mats, sizing up Janira, as they began on their knees, now face to face. Once the camera person hits three on the count, Janira leaps up and brings Chadam down with a headlock. Before he could initially react, Janira already mounted his chest, and slide up right on his face, shaking all over his face smothering him. Falling to her side, she pulled his head into her rock hard thighs, locking her ankles. Chadam could feel her glutes and thighs tighten the grip, as she squeezed, his face going deep red almost instantly. She constantly adds pressure around his neck, with a panic look in his eyes. Then she says ” how about we even take your breath away” as she squeezes him and does a hand over mouth smother as well. Chadam was making some pretty weird grunting noises almost going out in the 1st few minutes. Janira rolled him onto his back, you can hear a bit of relief in his voice, as she let go of the scissor but then jumped on his face smothering him. She violently shakes and gyrates while she smothers him, his face buried in her crotch. Janira spins into a reverse and asks which do you like better, and she bounces up n down all over his face gyrating again, further humiliating him. Janira further dominates him with neck crushing straight leg scissors, to figure four scissors n back to smothering. Janira barely gave him a chance to catch his breath before he found himself either trapped in an inescapable facesit be it either a forward or reverse one, or her jaw snapping scissors. Chadam was certainly abused thoroughly in her scissors as she puts quite a few on and cranks up the squeeze power. Janira enjoyed toying and dominating him, treating him like the little bitch he is, whining moaning n groaning in all of her holds. Janira uses her flexibility to her advantage and sits in reverse doing a full weight splits facesit grinding all her weight down directly on his face. the more she inflicted pain and suffering the more she was enjoying it, as Chadam lay beneath her beaten and out of breath. Nearing the end, Janira really made him work to hold his breath, then when she let him breathe, he took the biggest gasp ever. Before he could actually catch his breath she went back down onto his face. But unfortunately for chadam, his taps came rather too late, and Janira just ignored them anyways as she stayed sitting on his face. His arm then falls to the side, he was out, Janira did not care, and stayed on his face, his left hand actually twitched, as she smiled ever so delightfully. She strikes a sexy pose as the camera fades off, just like chadam did. Janira is 1 mean girl, who cares nothing about your breathing or how much pain your in, as long as she willingly destroys your manhood. Chadam actually came too after the camera shut off with a massive air deprivation headache. Lesson learned.

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