The Mean Girls - Princess Amber, Goddess Platinum - The Church Ladies (4K) - Trampling

Added: 31-10-2020

Goddess Platinum and her niece Princess Amber are good, prim & proper church-going women. But they also have this “other side” that has mostly just been thrust upon them because they are just SO beautiful. Pathetic men have literally thrown themselves at their feet their whole lives- and instead of rejecting them completely (as most women of their beauty and stature would do) they have decided to KEEP them around, and allow them to serve them literally as their SLAVES. Most of them were sinners anyway, and just not holy enough to date Amber and Platinum. Not to mention not being rich or good-looking enough!

But upon returning home from that day’s sermon about “doing unto others”, Amber starts to openly question whether its “right” for them to own slaves. These “poor creatures” have had their lives ruined, all their money & savings taken away from them by Platinum and Amber, and they literally wait hand & foot on Amber & Platium 24/7!

Platinum decides to do a demonstration. She snaps her fingers and calls a loser over. Platinum asks the slave “what its purpose in life is?” and the slave doesn’t even hesitate!- “MY SOLE PURPOSE IN LIFE IS TO SERVE YOU, MISS PLATINUM AND MISS AMBER!!”

“See??” Platinum asks. “We couldn’t get rid of these idiots if we WANTED to! They WANT to serve us more than anything in their pathetic lives- just so they can be in the presence of our beauty.”

Platinum reminds Amber that all of these “inferior creatures” are not only sub-human, but they were sinners- and therefore they DESERVE every bit of mistreatment they receive! Her and Amber are actually doing “God’s work” by abusing and punishing these heathens on a regular basis!! They DESERVE it!!

Amber feels MUCH better after all of this clarification from her Auntie Platinum. She now has NO reservations about USING and walking all over these “inferior, sinning creatures”!

“Auntie Platinum” has explained to her young, innocent, and somewhat spoiled niece Amber that it is perfectly fine that they own slaves, and demonstrated to her that these “creatures” were literally created to serve them and be used by them in any way that they want. Even though they are prim & proper chuch-going women, it is perfectly within their rights to own these “lesser beings” as slaves.

But Platinum feels that she really needs to take this lesson to the “next level” for Amber- just to make sure that she fully understands that she has every right to walk all over these sinners and heathens. So she selects a scrawny one, snaps her fingers at it, and commands it to lay itself prostrate at Amber’s holy feet.

While still wearing their needle-thin designer stiletto heels they wore to church that morning, Platinum and Amber LAUGH as they stomp all over this inferior heathen under their feet without the slightest care about its suffering underneath them! In fact, Amber is learning quickly that these “things” DESERVE to suffer and be treated this way!

Platinum even commands the sinner underneath Amber’s heels to confess its sins, and BEG them to punish him! It soon becomes quite obvious that no matter how much this “thing” suffers under Platinum & Amber’s heels, it is still SO desperate to be in the presence of their beauty- and it seems to KNOW that it deserves to suffer for lusting after their beauty!!

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