The Harlot House - Dacey Harlot and Jah - Pre Workout Trampling

Added: 29-11-2023

The Pre-Workout is just as important as the workout.  Dacey loves starting her day by getting everyone heart rate up and what better way than a merciless Trampling!  Dacey does a few stretches in her tight yoga shorts, sports bra and  toeless yoga socks.  She Jumps right up on to Jah's cock and balls preparing him for the Trampling that is coming his way.   After slowly smashing her toes and heels into his gut and walking up and down his body Dacey is ready to get started.
She starts by running in place on Jah's stomach to get her heart rate pumping.  And to work on her balance. Dacey stands Full Weight one footed on Jah's face Smothering him under her sweaty feet.  Once he's about out of air Dacey steps off of his face by Jumping onto his stomach smashing him under her feet.  Next Dacey wants to work on her flexibility so its High Jump time! Jumping as High as she can Slamming her feet down all over her slave.  Her feet landing Hard down on his stomach chest and cock.  
Now that Dacey is loosened up she can start practicing a few yoga poses perched on top of his cock in between Brutally Stomping the life out him him.  Dacey only takes breaks Trampling him to stand Full Weight on his face Smashing his skull into the ground.  Dacey playfully teases her workout partner by standing one foot on his chest and one foot kicking his balls. 
Once Dacey gets into her Warrior pose, one foot on his throat one foot on his cock, she's almost done with her warm up.  That means its time to go all out!  Breaking out of pose Dacey goes directly in to running in place Smashing her feet down Full Weight into his gut before doing High Jumps in the same spot.  Playfully she walks up his shirtless chest and starts Jumping with all her Strength trying to push her feet through his chest to the ground.  Dacey mounts Jah's face again smothering him.  As soon as he tries to take a breath Dacey starts Jumping Full Weight on his Face and Chest.  Dacey works her way down his body Smashing every part of him under her Sweet Sadistic Feet.  Then off she goes to Yoga class leaving him to try and recover.Read More
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