Club Stiletto - Princess Mia - Locked Up and Waiting for Her Golden Treat

Added: 16-09-2022

In this hot POV Princess Mia has you locked up in the toilet box where you will stay until after she pees so you can collect all her waste through the funnel which goes directly into your mouth. Arousing toilet talk through this clip as Mia talks about how she keeps you in the box for hours on end and others use you in the same manner but you have no idea who is above you other than the taste is different each time. "When I have a party I have no idea who is making use of this thing" she says. Imagine being the party toilet!One of her fun games is to have you gargle after she has filled your mouth. She waves her feet and rubs it against your cock to insure you are totally aroused before she pees. Another game is to have a slave drink directly from her pussy and then spit it into the funnel, ummm, Mia does like things kinky. Mia then releases her golden nectar. Open wide and drink it all up. She then gets up and walks away. You'll stay there until someone has to go again.
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