Club Stiletto - Mistress Keres learns how to Trample Kenny

Added: 14-09-2022

Mistress Keres loves learning new ways to use kenny so when she had a chance to film with renowned trample slave 'trample marcus' she made sure to give him the opportunity to explain the whole process to her, how to trample and the slaves perspective when being trampled. This is an interesting clip and something those that are into being trampled will really enjoy. , if you are someone looking to trample someone else, this clip will be a great tool for you too.Through the entire clip kenny has to kneel and watch his wife and owner Keres step all over another man knowing this might be something that becomes part of their daily routine. Keres is a quick learner and soon is stepping on the slaves face, on his torso with all the weight on her heels and even jumping on him. Eventually kenny is told to come step on him with his wife (over 300 pounds combined) and this gets Keres thinking that maybe her and her boyfriend can start trampling kenny together some day soon. Poor kenny looks terrified at the thought but after all these years is docile and knows there is no point resisting any of the women in his life. Kenny places the dirty sole of his shoe on the trample slaves face and look at that big smile, he's not used to being in this position. Keres brings him back down to earth when she says "I'll make sure my boyfriends shoes are really dirty when we do this to kenny." At the end you get to see the marks all over the slave and then a conclusion where Keres is now stepping on kenny, the other slave put back in his place and kneeling away from them.
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