Brat Princess 2 - Amber - Dink Humiliated as Furniture and Caged Before Lunch Date

Added: 12-09-2022

n this video, I’m getting ready to go out on a lunch date. I pull out a bunch of different outfits and hold them up in the mirror to see which one makes me look the hottest. Dink is locked in the smother box and is literally being used as a piece of furniture. Its honestly so degrading and humiliating for him, but that’s what his life amounts to: being used by hot girls as furniture. I look super cute in my bra and panties as I sit on this loser’s face and touch up my makeup. My panties are mesh too! If I wasn’t smothering his face with my perfect ass, he might actually get to see it LOL (his life is TERRIBLE)
As a hot girl, you sometimes have to change your outfit like two or three times before you find “the one” you wanna wear that day. So there’s a lot of getting dressed and undressed happening in between smothering dink and applying makeup. I even step on dinks fat belly to get a full body view of my outfit. Once I find my fit of the day, I use dink to take pics of me while I sit on top of him looking hot (and then lock him in a cage!) I know it probably seems odd to some people, but that’s because they’re not HOT enough to have slaves to use for this very purpose. I just love being me!
- Amber
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