HIGH HEEL Trample by Ms Christina - Trample Fantasy 2

Added: 31-10-2023

TRAMPLE FANTASY 2 with CHRISTINA and TRAMPLEGUYCAUGHT JACKING OFF BY THE WIFE'S BEST FRIEND!THEN SHE HELPS HIM LIVE OUT HIS FANTASY!A DREAM CUM TRUE If you liked TRAMPLE FANTASY with Marcy,then you will love TRAMPLE FANTASY 2 with Christina!This is another custom video calling for a guy to get caught jacking off by a sexy high heeled woman, the guy's wife's BEST FRIEND. So, as the video begins, Trampleguy is jacking off in his hotel room bed while he watches a hot trample video. We get a peek at the video he is watching (it's another MsChristina CLASSIC.) He didn't know that his wife's friend had a key to the room. The friend let herself in and surprised Trampleguy as he was stroking his cock while watching the video. Trampleguy was totally embarrassed and started by saying, "This isn't what you think . . ." Christina was quick to let him know that what he was doing is totally natural. Then she was curious to know what he was looking at that got him so excited. Trampleguy said that he was watching a video of a sexy woman trampling a guy while she was wearing High Heels. To Trampleguy's surprise, Christina held her sexy foot up so that he could see that she was wearing sexy Stiletto Heels, also!"You mean like these?" she said as she stretched her leg out showing off the incredibly sexy Stiletto Strappy Sandals. She said that she could stand on Trampleguy and help him with his fantasy. Trampleguy welcomed the offer. Christina immediately stepped up onto Trampleguy's bare chest and dug her sharp heels into him. Trampleguy really wacked his cock as the pain was starting to get him aroused. It didn't take long to get results. Christina made him shoot his huge load onto the sole of her shoe as she stood on his chest. When he was finished, Christina told Trampleguy to lick every drop of fresh cum off of her foot and shoe WHILE SHE WAS STILL STANDING ON HIS CHEST!
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