The Mean Girls - Princess Skylars - Step Stool

Added: 12-01-2022

I just wanted to check out my new boots in the mirror, but the mirror is waaay too high up on the wall for me to see my boots when they are on my feet. So I call my slave over so I can use him to stand on as a human stepstool. My slave loves serving ANY purpose for me that it can. It is happy just to be used by me. Even if it is just a "thing" for me to stand on so I can check out how my new boots look on me.
You can tell the slave didn't know what he was getting into as my sharp stiletto heels start sinking DEEP into its stomach. It really had no idea of the awful pain that awaited him, but he WILL put up with it- because he's so desperately trying to please his Princess by doing whatever he can to make her happy.
The way this guy grunts it's like hearing drowwning kittens. Really intense. You would think the last bit of life is draining out of him haha. However I am obviously more concerned about if my boots look sexy on me, than whatever pain my slave is in underneath me.
This is my real-life slave who has been serving me for about a year now. As you can see, it's an overweight, balding, pathetic loser and really has nothing going for itself. It desperately tries to win favor with me by basically doing whatever it can to make me happy- as any good slave should. It is primarily a financial slave for me, as well as an "assignment slave". You know, the type of loser simp that I can use to run my errands and do chores for me- that kinda stuff.
I've never used it in my clips before though, and it is not a pain slave. So today was it's first time ever being trampled in heels, and it really had a tough time with it. But it was willing to suffer for me just to be a good slave for me.  :)
- Princess Skylar

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