Club Stiletto - Mistress Kassy and Mistress Mercy - It was an Accident

Added: 20-02-2024

Mistress Kassy and Mistress Mercy are a beautiful Domme Duo and their beauty makes any sub push to accept the harshest of treatment just to please them. It's accelerating for a slave to hear the Women giggle and laugh at his suffering. As this scene opens we find the slave bound to the St Andrews cross and Kassy and Mercy both holding floggers. They comment that they have been going to easy on him as a lot of his marks have healed and it's sad to see his body in it's current state. Well that's going to change! They target his back and balls to start. His legs are in a spreader bar so there is no way for him to close them and make his balls less accessible. He's fully exposed for their enjoyment. "It's not our fault if we accidentally get them" Mercy says swinging the flogger up between his legs.Now it's time for the canes. Kassy strikes his ass while Mercy hits his upper back and then they both go crazy on his ass. They swing as hard as they can and the marks start to appear quickly while the slave cries out. No mercy from Mercy and she starts striking his ass in rapid succession. "He's not handling the warmup very well" Kassy says and the slave gasps, thinking it might get worse. To take his mind off the pain Mercy tells the slave to hump the Cross as if it's his girlfriend and then they strike him again as hard as they can. When he thinks they might be giving him a break they reach up and both grab a nipple and pull and twist them. Mercy decides to put nipple clamps on him. Then back to the beating! Kassy asks Mercy what time it is and she says 3:00. "Oh we have to leave in an hour" Kassy reminds here. They decide it's time to make the next hour count, the two of them and the slave. He cries out in fear of what's still to come.
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