AmericanMeanGirls - Princess Cindi - Breaking A Slave

Added: 25-05-2023

I almost felt bad for this slave, Bwahahah! He actually CRIED at one point because I wouldn't stop beating him. I broke him so bad that you are going to see him licking the bottom of my shoes like his life depends on it in another video that we shot right after this, haha!... after he dried his tears. I bet this slave thought I was just going to whip him but he got mentally broken and I humiliated the fuck out of him! I weigh a hundred pounds and he could have got up at any point but he sat there and literally cried and begged me to stop...which I didn't! I whipped him even harder over the reddest parts I could. And this slave is apparently not a "pain slave". It hates pain, actually. But it is sooo desperate to take it for Princess Cindi because I am like the perfect white Disney princess that the slave so badly wants to serve haha. Who would ever guess that little ole' me could be so CRUEL???
I literally beat this slave well beyond its breaking point- until it is groveling and begging so desperately at my feet that it is actually visibly shaking and in in TEARS! But I just think its funny to see it cowering at my feet. So I continue to beat it as it begs. Then eventually I rest my foot on the back of the slave's head and mock it as it is clearly BROKEN at my feet. I LOVE the POWER I feel when whipping slaves that are so much bigger than me and BREAKING them until they are literally groveling at my feet in fear.
VERY harsh whipping clip!! One of most brutal in Our store!! Cindi is SO cruel and heartless toward slaves, and as an ex-athlete, she is VERY good at swinging the whip full- even though she has only used it a few times!
- Princess Cindi
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