Club Stiletto - Princess Mia - No Limits slave Pit Licker - Caning Fantasy

Added: 05-11-2023

This scene opens with Princess Mia drinking an adult pop and the slave kneeling with his nose to the wall. She slaps his ass and says she has worked up a real sweat working him over and the marks are visible on his backside. She smells her sweaty pits and can't help but comment how nice they smell. She makes the slave beg to lick them then has him crawl over to sniff them first. Next she lets him have a small lick. She then lays down and tells him to lick both pits clean. "Sometimes I think I'm too nice to you" she tells him.
"Why don't you lick my nylon covered feet" she then says to you and then sticks them up in your face. The other slave continues to lick her pit eagerly. The camera scrolls over to his ass and you can see the marks he bears for his Goddess. "My marks on his ass and my sweat on his breath, how lucky is he?" she says. She orders the camera man to hand her her beverage and says "See, even the camera man is my bitch." Mia talks about other nasty things she does to her slave and says she has no interest in a slave with limits, they must do whatever she says or they can just leave, easily replaced. Mia then tells the slave to close his eyes because she is going to show you her beautiful young breasts. "He doesn't deserve to see my tits" she says adding "Usually only my studs get to see them and they love to grab them while they fuck me." The slave is lot in her beautiful armpits probably not hearing a word she says.
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