Club Stiletto - Goddess Amelia - Husband and Wife second My slaves First

Added: 23-09-2022

As we originally saw in the clip Surprise, your Wife is now My SLUT, Goddess Amelia has had a run in with her slave subzeros wife Ruby, and quickly turned her into her slave as well. Ruby and subzero might be husband and wife but they are Amelias slaves first and in this scene she has Ruby locked up in the cage while she watches her discipline her husband. Amelia starts out with a small wooden paddle but has a heavy hand and makes the slave cry out. Its gets a lot worse though when she picks up first a wooden cane and then a riding crop. Amelia tells subzero to be a good example for his wife. Amelia then bends down to the cage with her ass against the bars so Ruby can kiss it.Now Amelia switches to a leather flogger. Again she bends down so Ruby can see her big ass and her pussy lips sticking out from the fabric in her panties. As Amelia inflicts pain on subzero she tells Ruby that being able to take her punishment will win her favor and she must strive to always please her. She then comes up to the cage and the two girls kiss passionately. She makes sure subzero can hear her taking advantage of his wife. Amelia spits in Rubys mouth then on her face. Now its back to harsher punishment with the riding crop again. Amelia really lays into him and mocks him for now being in chastity and not able to even have his own wife. Finally Amelia gets a fun idea, she reaches for a monster dildo and lubes it with her spit. She brings it up to his ass and drives it all the way into him. As hubby cries out Amelia looks at a worried Ruby and says "Youre next baby."
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