Club Stiletto - Mistress Mercy - Remember what you're Suffering For

Added: 22-09-2022

This scene opens with sexy Mistress Mercy flogging her bound slave. In the background we can see her other slave with his head locked in the toilet box patiently waiting to be used by Mercy or any of the other CS Women that may be lingering about. After warming the slave up briefly with a leather flogger, she switches to a cane and now she doesn't hold back. Solid strokes to the slaves backside soon has the slave yelping and Mercy giggling. "Remember what you are working for" Mercy tells her slave as she walks in front of him and pushes her ass into his face. She lets him kiss one of her butt cheeks before resuming the onslaught on his ass. She then spanks him with her hand including hitting his balls. "I'm going to leave marks you will be proud of and my toilet over there will be jealous of" she tells the bound slave. Soon the slave is well marked up so Mercy walks over to the other slave and removes the funnel on the toilet box to ask the slave there if he is hungry and ready for her. "Yes Mistress" he says but Mercy isn't done with the first slave so she wonders back and canes him some more. She is really ruthless and has no concern for the slaves suffering. "I think you've earned two kisses" she tells him walking back up to his face. She lets him smell her sweaty ass crack first then tells him to take his kisses. "We're not done" she tells him and goes back and canes him some more. Finally satisfied she walks over to the other slave and unzips her outfit, sits down on the box and tells the slave to open his mouth. "Look what you're missing out on" she tells the bound slave and then says to the one in the box "Drink up for me."
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