The Mean Girls - Princess Ava - First Visit to The Mean Girl Manor Part 1

Added: 30-04-2022

This was not only Ava’s FIRST time visiting Las Vegas, but her VERY FIRST time visiting the Mean Girl Manor! Now that I’m in charge, I’ve really been pushing my slaves to go above and beyond and to be BETTER than they have ever been! That’s why when Princess Ava told me she would be coming to visit, I just knew I had to ensure she had the BEST time while in town. Its not secret that hot girls should NEVER have to do anything themselves, and that includes walking around a HUGE Manor after traveling all day… like how exhausting! Therefore, I had one of my losers fetch a white steed for her to mount upon her arrival. Of course its not real, which is where this this lucky loser’s nut sack becomes useful for the first time (perhaps EVER in its life) LOL. In this clip, I give Princess Ava a full tour of the Manor (inside & out) while she gets pulled around by the ball sack of a beta while she sits perfectly on her trusty steed! Oh… not to mention, she has a whip to make It go faster. Princess Ava is SOOO impressed with the discipline of this loser (especially when its balls get stretched while pulling her over carpet!) But since she is a hot girl, that doesn’t stop her from whipping this idiot from time to time just for the fun of it.
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