Club Stiletto - BBW Goddess Stephanie - He Loves My Big Ass and Wet Farts

Added: 22-02-2024

BBW Goddess Stephanie is sitting on her slaves chest on the bed and using a pump on his cock. "I get so tired of seeing such a little cock I thought I'd see if I could make it look more like that of a real man" she says. Once erect she removes the pump and tells him to stroke it, to see if he can keep it looking presentable. "Do you want me to sit on your face, bitch?" she asks him and naturally he does. Her ass is very big and she shifts back onto his head burying him in the process. She has barely settled in though that she lifts up and lets out a fart. She sits down again and says "He loves these farts." You can hear another fart rumble beneath her that the slave will breath in when she sits up again. She stays on him a bit before lifting a bit to let out another fart. His senses are overwhelmed with the odor.  She rocks and gyrates her ass and occasionally allows the slave to sneak a quick breath but never completely filling his lungs. She criticizes him for not rimming her deeply enough then sits up and tells him to take a deep breath so he has no excuse for not getting his tongue up her asshole. Soon the slave starts to kick but she holds him down by the wrists and makes him kick. She's tired now and decides to lay on her stomach on the bed and have the slave come in behind her. "Show me what a dirty ass licker you are" she tells him.
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