Club Stiletto - Goddess Lilith Ivy - Fight for your Air under Lilith Ivy

Added: 16-12-2023

As a reward for completing the yard work Goddess Lilith Ivy has the slave waiting on the bed with a promise to sit on his face. As the scene opens we see her walking up the stairs. She enters the room and calls the slave lazy for just laying around but hops on the bed and sits on his face in reverse position. She wiggles her plump ass and lovely large tits while on his face and goes a good long while without giving him a breath. Finally she gets up and says she wants to see how long he can go without air and she starts to count him up by 10 second intervals and by 45 seconds he is already kicking frantically. At 55 seconds she gets up and tells him he's a loser and instead of licking her ass he has to practice breath control. She sits again for about 30 seconds then suddenly lifts up but so quickly the slave can't catch a breath.She continues to do this and the slave never knows when the chance to breathe is going to come and pretty soon he's kicking as hard as if she never got up at all. She sits firmly and tells him she is not getting up and he has to fight for his air if he wants to breathe. His face is beet red and he twists his head and does everything he can to free his nose from under her ass. She calls him an embarrassment and mocks him for his months in chastity and says because he has failed it will be another month in lockup for him. She moves to sit on the bed and tells him to worship her feet, maybe he's more suited for that task. She rubs her feet over his face and slaps it with them. She then rolls on her side and sticks her ass out at the camera and says to you, "I bet you could do better."  She says if you were there you could kiss, lick and worship her ass while the other slave attended to her feet.Read More
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