Goddess Jasmine Mendez - HAPPY HALLOWEEN JASMINE ADDICTS Halloween Trick or Treat Face Sittin

Added: 12-12-2023

Its Halloween and you are out trick or treating. You call at a guys house, he opens the front door and you shout trick or treat! the miserable guy shuts the door in your face. You are not impressed & knock on the door again. When he opens it you push him away and enter the house. You Fo-rce the guy on his knees and scissor his neck while standing. You tell the guy how rude he is and tell him he is going to get a trick & a treat! You push the guy on his back on the floor and sit on his chest pinning his arms with your legs. You tell him that rude people get punished and you have the best punishment skills. You tell him that the `trick` will be him trying to breathe as you are going to sit on his face and smother him with your ass. You move forward and sit on his face at which point you tell him that the `treat` is to have your ass sitting on his face! A bit of bouncing on his face follows here please! You then move to a squatting position on his neck and tell him that you are going to put a spell on him that makes him beg for you to sit on him some more. You perform the spell and he starts to beg to be sat on . So you just clarify, that he wants his face to be squashed under your ass? he says yes so you sit on his face in all the great positions that you do.nera the end you sit on his chest and ask him how he enjoyed your ass on his face & perform another spell. This makes him ask you to sit on his face until he passes out. You cannot refuse and do this in the squatting position. Still sitting on him after passing out you tell us viewers how it could be us next if we are rude before getting off him and walking out.
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