Filth Fetish Studios - Mistress Mercy Rage, Princess Mia - Mo Money Mo Problems

Added: 10-12-2023

Mistress Mercy Rage and Princess Mia ARE SO MAD! They went shopping for Halloween costumes and Jimmy's CREDIT CARD WAS REJECTED! Apparently he is OVER HIS LIMIT! Both the girls were so embarrassed, they dragged Jimmy home and locked him in the smother- box so they could BRAINSTORM some new ideas for him to make MORE MONEY! Both of them begin taking turns SITTING HEAVILY on the slaves face, making him sniff their SWEATY ASSES as they discuss his future and work! Mercy Rage suggests he get a night job, and Mia then says he should give blow jobs on the streets at night! Jimmy screams out trying to say no but the girls just SMOTHER HIM HARDER! Mia DROPS DOWN hard, Shaking the whole smother-box with her BIG ASS! They both laugh at the pain they are causing the slave though, he deserves it for embarrassing them!
The girls take turns sitting on his face, SPREADING THEIR CHEEKS AND BOUNCING making the slave smell DEEP IN THEIR SWEATY ASSES! You can hear him crying out as he gasps and sniffs their dirty anuses! They continue discussing the slaves new work schedule, he is going to have a morning job, afternoon job, and night job, including cleaning and serving his owners! Mia laughs as she does the math in her head and says Jimmy can have 20 MINUTES OF SLEEP EVERY 72 HOURS! Both girls remove their underwear, now there is NOTHING to protect Jimmy's nose from the smell of asshole! The smothering continues as both girls start trying to sit harder than the other, pushing Jimmy's nose AS DEEP AS IT CAN GO! 

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