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Added: 12-01-2021

You'll love Mistresses Mercedes Ashley (a chesty beauty who goes through the entire video topless) and Layla Jade, a lithe, curvy blonde with a fetching British accent. They're really pissed off at their slave house-boy, alix, who has DARED to smoke their cigarettes. Well, for a high crime of that sort, the penalty is called for. But that would be too easy. They decide to subject him to the worst sort of trample action, combined with facesitting galore. "Step on him!" Mercedes urges her comrade, who digs her black boots into his guts. Mercedes then drops her full body full-weight onto his ribs. Layla kicks his balls while Mercedes makes sure his nose disappears between her butt-cheeks - she backs into his face with her humongous boobage drooping ground-wards. Occasionally, she reaches back to slap his face. Then they flip him over and him to shove his face up Mercedes' twat while Layla dances on his butt. These bitches wear the world's nastiest high heels ALL THROUGH THE MOVIE. And they use those heels to his guts and flatten his nuts. They punch his guts, knee his groin, cover his mouth with their latex panty-clad twattage, then shove cigs up his nostrils while violently slapping his face. I don't think I have ever seen knee-punches to the ribs as thunderous as this. As the action progresses, Layla really gets into it - it looks like she is trying to him when she punches his chest. Mercedes lights up, blows smoke in his face, and flicks her ash into his open mouth. She even makes him choke on smoke mouth-to-mouth resuscitation style! Then she uses wrestling holds to twist his body into all sorts of new shapes - figure fours, punches, towel-choking, hand-around-neck choking, LOTS of kicking, and more. There's even a hint of fire-in-the-face . At the end, they shove a half-dozen coffin nails in his mouth and up his nose.

File Name : 11___smoking high heels
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Duration: 00:54:39
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