Brat Princess 2 - Natalya, Rachel - Facesitting Our Loser in Our Favorite New Leggings Complete (4K)

Added: 17-12-2020

4K Ultra HD Natalya and Rachel show off their new leggings for you. They model their leggings outside on a beautiful day. They know that you are addicted to their asses and love making your brain a mess. Then, the girls go inside to the basement. They are going to make a slave into their human chair. The girls keep the slave in the basement because it is so hideous. They keep the slave in chastity because he does not deserve access to its penis. The girls hate the slave, but it is funny to it. Natalya teaches Rachel to just slap it in the face if it does anything stupid. The girls are downright to the simp. They decide to tease the fool in all their new outfits. They want to do a try on of their latest outfit haul and see which ones have the greatest impact on the simp’s brain and caged penis. The girls try on three new looks. The simp goes wild with each clothing change. Rachel really likes having an idiot around to tell her how hot she is. After using Natalya’s simp for the outfit test she decides that she wants to get a few simps of her own to keep in her basement.
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