CPL Wrestling - CPL-TSS-004 Twisted Sisters - Chris Edition (720 HD)

Added: 01-05-2019

The Twisted sisters Arianne and Aubrey are back, this time teaming up against Chris. This is one of Chris’s most humiliating videos he has ever done, we are not sure he will come back to do more after this. It all starts out with Chris on the mats and Arianne comes walking in. He thinks he is just wrestling her today. Arianne circles around Chris, looking confused he says ” what are you doing” as Arianne grabs him by the legs picks him up and tosses him to the mats. She jumps on top in a schoolgirl pin, then yells out “HEY Aubrey, I have a new victim for us!!” All excited Aubrey darts into the room and sits behind Arianne on Chris. they work on securing him down, while Arianne sits on his face. After his first tap, Arianne said ” should we be more rough?” Aubrey says ” I think he likes it rough”. The girls talk smack back and fourth about Chris while Arianne sits on his face. Her shorts have a shark on the front so she looks down at Chris and says ” look theirs a monster eating your face, num num num” as she shakes her pussy in his face laughing at him. They both admire him suffering beneath them, then they switch positions. Aubrey slides up and says ” this is monster #2″ as she slams her pussy down into his face smothering him. Then Arianne says to her sister ” maybe you should do a reverse facesit and fart on him”. Aubrey then spins into reverse and does a sumo squat facesit, as Arianne punches her in the stomach a few times then Aubrey lets one rip in his mouth and nose, literally. Arianne reaches around and starts wafting it in his face, then she covers his mouth saying “keep it in your mouth”. Chris was disgusted knowing that such a pretty girl could literally fart in his face, and enjoy humiliating him with it. Aubrey looks back at him and says ” thank you for being my new toilet” then sits back down on his face. Arianne then told him if he wants air he has to slap Aubrey’s ass, then guided him since he was to “shy” to do it on his own. but he quickly learned if he wanted air he better slap her ass, and HARD. Making Chris tap a few more times with reverse facesits the girls change positions now. Arianne gets behind Chris and scissors him, while Aubrey squats down onto his face, smothering him. They verbally bash him to the point where insults became mean, and they giggled the whole time about it. Aubrey keeps smothering and facesitting Chris while they still verbally insult Chris inflicting not only physical but mental anguish now. Once Aubrey was finished putting her pussy all over his face, Aubrey moves behind Chris and Arianne stands in front of him shaking her ass. She slowly lowers herself down engulfing his face in her ass cheeks. Chris gets dominated by Arianne’s ass that she keeps ramming in his face, making him slap her ass if he wants air. Now Arianne will not stop the smothering until he says that he loves her ass. After a few more breath depriving ass smothers, Chris finally admits that he loves her ass. The sisters switch positions again, this time Aubrey lays on her stomach, and Arianne grabs Chris by the head and shoves his face into Aubrey’s ass then sits on his back. She shoves his face hard into Aubrey’s ass, shaking it all around as Aubrey jiggles her butt getting his nose in nice and deep. They humiliate him badly making him say what they ask him to, and if doesn’t back in the ass he goes until he learns to say it. You can tell this was degrading to him, and he did not want to say it, but was made to say eventually knowing the girls would not stop until he did. For Arianne’s final humiliation she made Chris bite Aubrey’s ass before they changed spots. Now it was Aubrey’s turn to smash Chris’s face into Arianne’s ass, as the girls took complete control over him. Arianne shakes her ass and Aubrey’s shoves his face in nice and tight sealing his air as they control and manipulate him. Aubrey wanted to utterly humiliate Chris by making him make slurping sounds after each time his face was in Arianne’s ass. Chris lost all of his manhood here as these girls were merciless and cruel to him. Once Chris was wiped out and appearing to be weak from all the double team smothering, they position him on the mats with Arianne behind him holding his arms and Aubrey in front of him. Looks like Chris is about to get another dose of ass as Aubrey backs up getting his face squarely between her ass cheeks. Arianne kept his arms secured as he was being smothered. When they switched positions again, Arianne twerked in his face before smothering him, then turns around and gives him a serious breast smothering. Then she makes him kiss her tits, before they both got to their feet. This time Aubrey grabbed his ankles, Arianne grabbed his arms and they swung him back and fourth in the air before dropping him hard on his back to the mats. They pin him down afterwards, and are ready for their signature double KO facesit. First Aubrey facesits Chris as he taps frantically under her, ignoring his taps, mocking him. And Chris went lights out. Before he could come to, Arianne was already sitting on his throat, and just as he is semi conscious Arianne moves in and goes for her facesit KO on him. They get off him and yell out Twisted sisters!!! and both placed their knees on him and flexed for the camera posing over his now limp lifeless and beaten body. Chalk up another helpless victim to the talented, crazy and cruel twisted sisters.

File Name : 11___CPLWrestlingCPLTSS0itting
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 752 MB
Duration: 00:20:38
Video: AVC, 1280 x 720, 29.970 FPS, 4932 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 2 channels, 164 kb/s


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