The Real Queendom - Megan Jones - Sweaty Smothering

Added: 15-02-2019

“Now that I’ve worked up a sweat, its time to take a seat,” Megan says as she lowers her sweaty ass on her helpless slave’s face! Megan’s furniture slave has been trapped in the smotherbox, just waiting for his Mistress to return and smother him relentlessly. Megan’s big, sexy booty swallows the slave’s face, sealing his nose and mouth and taking his ability to breathe. “You’re fitting quite nicely in my crack! Sniff up all the sweat from my workout, you know you love it!” Megan switches between forward, reverse, and side saddle sitting, but whichever way she sits her magnificent ass completely covers the smotherbox and buries the slave’s face! All the slave can do is lie still and try to conserve what little oxygen Megan allows. “Short, tiny gasps, that’s all you get,” she says, lifting one of her cheeks just enough for the slave to suck in some hot, sweat scented air beneath her! Soon Megan decides to continue her workout by doing leg lifts on the slave’s face! She lifts her legs up high enough for the slave to just barely suck in more sweaty air for half a second before being smothered again. “I could sit here and train your face all day,” Megan says, teasing the slave, knowing there’s nothing he can do to stop her…

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