Scissorvixens - Janira Wolfe - So You Wanna Be My Slave!?

Added: 06-11-2017

So you think you're good enough to be my slave!? Let my POWERFUL THIGHS be the judge of that!

Note: This video was a custom in which the customer wrote us back a few days later saying..."Wow...that was intense! I actually started to feel bad for the guy!".

It was one year ago that we were introduced to Janira Wolfe and it was at that time Janira Wolfe was first introduced to leg scissors during our shoot.

Many times, when we first introduce a girl to scissoring, it's the last time they scissor anyone until we shoot them again. But not Janira...she's been CRUSHING helpless boys into submission, and knocking them out too, with her lean, powerful dancer thighs ever since!

When we caught up with her at the annual Fetcon convention she couldn't help but let us know..."My legs are MUCH STRONGER than last year...I could literally KILL a man between my thighs now!".

Folks...with legs like Janira's, along with the kind of enthusiasm she has for squeeeeezing the daylights out of's a DANGEROUS combination!

In a pre-Fetcon pool party, Janira gave Drew a taste of her LETHAL REVERSE HEADSCISSORS off camera and had him tapping out in seconds! It would have been LIGHTS OUT had he not been quick enough with his tap hand!

Like many on the scene today…Janira Wolfe is one more lethal legged lady unleashed upon the world by!

And as a popular Fin-domme, and producer herself, Janira gets a lot of men e-mailing her begging to be her full-time slave.

Of course the vast majority of these men are located hundreds of miles away who have no intention of actually becoming her slave but have no problem trying to engage her in an endless back-and-forth e-mail session.

Most experienced dommes can smell these time-wasting clowns a mile away and quickly put an end to it but this time, Janira decides to make an example out of one of them on camera for all the other time-wasting losers to see!

"I need slaves to help me with my workouts!", she tells the camera as she slowly increases the pressure around her panicked slave's neck!

Watch as she admires her muscular legs as they nearly strangles him to death with an across-the-throat neck scissors!

Then it's on to what she calls 'slave-69' and her feared and most lethal scissors of all...her lights-out reverse head scissors of which she applies several times in this video!

At one point Janira is concerned that she may actually kill the poor slave asking him..."God, please don't die yet!", then covers his mouth to muffle his screams!

This video is nothing short of VICIOUS as time and time again, her time-wasting slave is subjected to a near-death experience between Janira's SEXY but LETHAL LEGS!

To end his suffering, Janira uses her gymnastics skills by planting a full reverse split on his neck which she eventually transitions into one more revere head scissor warning him!..."Oh, you're going to get knocked out!".

After doing just that, while her slave lays limp and unconscious on the floor, she looks at the camera with a simple message for the rest of the time-wasting wannabe slaves..."By loser!".

So check out GORGEOUS Janira Wolfe doing what she does best...teaching men that very few are good enough to survive her thighs and be her slave in 'So You Wanna Be My Slave!?

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