AmericanMeanGirls - Princess Amber and Lexi Chase - Putting Our Farts In it's Head

Added: 19-05-2023

At the Mean Girl Manor, there is a slave for every need. Whether you need a toilet slave or a sissy cuck to iron your alphas shirts, there is a slave designated for the job. Unfortunately over time, these betas go through some wear and tear, deeming them USELESS in that role… demoting them into an even lesser loser position. Princess Amber explains to Lexi Chase what happened to one of their in-house slaves when they “used” it too much.
They had just gotten home from a LONG night out! They had stopped for some food before getting home and it just wasn’t sitting right. So Princess Amber brings Lexi into the guest room where she has a NEW slave waiting to be used by them. The Mean Girls talk about how their stomachs are upset and feeling GASSY! Princess Amber tells Lexi that she has a method to help relieve the painful gas inside of them, “we just have the slaves SUCK them out of us!!!”
Lexi had never heard of this before but she was willing to try ANYTHING just to relieve her gas. Princess Amber shows Lexi what to do, “you gotta push at the same time the slave sucks, it’s super easy!!!” Lexi CANNOT believe that she had never done this before, it seems so simple and yet NO ONE talks about it. Amber warns her tho to make sure the slave SWALLOWS the farts before getting off of it because the fumes are TOXIC! Princess Amber shows Lexi what happened to their old slave (he got too many farts in his head and went CRAZY!) The girls help each other out, taking turns farting into the slaves head and then covering its face to keep the farts in.
The girls get some MUCH needed relief and feel so much better now that their bloated bellies have gone down. They are ready to put on bikinis and feel confident to wear them out!
- Princess Mia
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