Club Stiletto - Tease and Deny yourselves while We SIT on your faces

Added: 17-03-2023

Goddess Hazel and Mistress Misha are sitting on their slaves faces and chatting as this scene opens. While they catch up they decide to ass smother their slaves, see which one can hold his breath the longest. The camera swings around to give you an up close view of their beautiful asses as they settle in on the slaves faces. After about a minute the slaves start to kick for air. The girls do their best to stretch it out as neither wants to lose.
After allowing them both to take a breath they sit down and say which ever slave wins this round will get his cock stroked. The slaves are determined not to lose and are both already erect. Eventually the need for air exceeds the need for a hand job and the same slave taps out. They decide to let the slaves stroke their own dicks and before long the losing slave says he has to cum. No such reward for a loser, Misha squeezes his cock and says he's not coming today. The slave cries out in angst.  They sit back down on their faces and this time say they're not getting up.
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