Reality Girls Scissors - You Scared Of Me Yet

Added: 04-07-2022

Riot starts Chad in a deep side headscissors, her solid thighs clamping down on the tough guy's neck. A reverse figure-four turns Chad purple before she taunts him in another side headscissors. While Riot's arms might be feared more, her legs are strong and dangerous as the skilled pretty girl holds Chad in a figure-four headscissors bending his neck awkwardly. Then it's her arms and her fearsome rear naked choke, applied here first when we met her. Riot has immense confidence in the hold, and should. She mocks Chad's sounds as he fights for air in her arms expanding around his throat. Chad admits he's afraid of her when she asks; she locks on a front facelock/grapevine. A standing headscissors -- Riot goes to the couch and puts on a gi like a robe, ordering Chad to kneel beneath her. She locks out a straght headscissors and leans back as he rattles and his face seems to bend in from her pressure. Riot's legs swallow his head as she makes him tap, then snakes on another RNC -- the white gi digging into his throat. She takes him to the edge of rest, then wraps he rthighs back around his neck and stretches out-- up on her palms in a straight headscissors again mocking his whimpering. Another RNC and another as the queen lets him go to fold his gi. But she doesn't like the way Chad folds and locks himin another RNC before throwing the gi back at him and telling him if he doesn't fold it righ tthis time, she's kicking his ass again. Time: 20:05
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