Brat Princess 2 - Ava - Blonde Brat Smother in Thong Bodysuit 4K

Added: 01-07-2022

Replaced my vanity chair with a slave in a smother bench. I find it way more comfortable and convenient. Plus it matches my room perfectly! Find out all the ways I find it convenient(there's lots)... I test out my new vanity chair while doing my makeup! Im wearing this sexy thong bikini bodysuit that shows my ass and big tits.I just came back from the pool and I wanna get ready for the mall. I want to look extra good incase I come across a hot alpha..You never know who you just might meet at the mall. I humiliate my slave by wiping lipstick on him and using him as my makeup tester lol. My perfect ass just fits over his stupid little head perfectly in the bench. He has absolutely no room left to breathe. Nose stuck right up my ass. Talking to my slave about how perfect I am as i'm getting ready and flaunting my body in the mirror. Talking about all the ways I am going to use him as my slave next week in Florida on my vacation.. Breaking in my new vanity chair by bouncing on his face. So what do you think of my new vanity chair? I LOVE IT!
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