Club Stiletto - Goddess Ava - Crushing Ass and Thighs

Added: 01-07-2022

Introducing Domina Ava Savage. If you like a gorgeous but cruel Domina with a big butt and big tits you will want to check this clip out. This scene opens with Ava just returning from the gym all hot and sweaty. The workout has her all wired up and she decides she is going to use the slave to exercise some more. She grabs him by the ear and drags him up the stairs calling him a pathetic piece of dung. At the top of the stairs she puts the slave on his back and sitting in reverse position she does the splits right on his face. She then pulls her legs in, sits on his face but only briefly before leaning forward and applying a scissor hold to his neck. Her legs are powerful and the slave is soon kicking for air. She sits back up on his face and slaps his balls and twists his cock. Again she leans forward to wrap her legs around his neck and applies another scissor hold. After sitting on his face briefly she again does the splits and this time comes down on his neck causing him great discomfort. She tells the slave to sniff her dirty, sweaty ass. She tells him she worked out earlier, went for a walk, and used the toilet without showering. The smell must be heavenly. Again she moves into a scissor hold and you can see how that tension makes her ass flex and drives the slaves nose right into her pussy. Then the splits again, this time on his face. She grinds her pussy into his nose and pulls his nipples. She is a ball of fire and the slave now looks frantic. "Shut up and take it" she says, again sitting firmly with her ass on his face.  She's just getting started!
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