ClubStiletto - Ms Sinstress - Sinstress and johnnies Excellent Adventure

Added: 14-04-2021

It's the 80's and slave johnny finds himself laying on the ground having collapsed from riding the modern exercise bike to hard. He's awoken with Sinstress rubbing her sock in his face. He protests but she keeps rubbing it into his face. He looks disgusted until she sprinkles magic dust on him and suddenly he can't get enough of her stinky socks, sweaty feet and even her armpits, when she offers those to him as well. He doesn't care that everyone in the gym can see them. "This is the best thing ever" he says. She offers to sell him her dirty socks for $100 after the workout and he says "That's my monthly rent but totally worth it." Johnny just loves the smell and taste and can't get enough. "I never knew sweat was so amazing, I could lick your armpits all day" he continues. Eventually Sinstress tells johnny to lay down again and she sticks her socks in his mouth. When she removes them she sticks her entire foot in and makes him lick and suck them. She then has him lay flat on the ground and lick the soles of her feet. The scene blurs as johnny suddenly starts to shake his head side to side and then we see he's actually in bed. Sinstress is beside him and she shakes him to tell him he must be dreaming. "Yeah I was dreaming about the 80's, you have no idea how weird it was going to the gym back then" he tells her. She laughs and tells him to go back to rest.

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