The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum, Goddess Maci, Princess Amber - Bring Your Homework Slave To School (1080 HD)

Added: 07-11-2020

You all know we are Mean Girls. We own slaves… Lots of slaves. We own slaves for different things. For example one slave may actually be smart and great at homework but another is just dumb as a box of rocks and only good for beating… I think you get the big picture. Lol!

Anyways it was a school day for Princess Amber and Goddess Maci. They are still young and always learning to be better at using, walking all over and beating… males.

Both Goddess Maci and Princess Amber have homework slaves but if you ask me I think Goddess Maci got the short end of the stick when it comes to homework slaves. Poor Goddess Maci got the old and decrepit slave. It was good and smart back in its prime but the old goof can barely remember its name half the time.

But around Mean Girl Manor High we take everything as a learning and teaching experience. So when Goddess Maci’s homework slave forgot to do her homework again, we used it as a chance to teach Goddess Maci how we treat dumb slaves and teach the old, useless, pathetic slave what happens when you are disobedient.

I’m sure by know you know we beat the dumb and disobedient slaves. LOL! And that’s exactly what we did. I don’t deal well with excuses. I don’t care how old that slave is… it needed to be taught a lesson, one it would never forget. Hahaha

I’m sure you will enjoy Goddess Maci and Princess Amber’s sexy school girl outfits as much as you will enjoy watching us teach that old fart a lesson.

– Goddess Platinum

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