ClubStiletto - Mistress Raevyn Rose - You're Going To Eat My Man's Ass - Cuckolding

Added: 01-10-2020

Miss Raevyn has you so whipped you will do anything to please her. “You do a lot of disgusting stuff because I make you” she tells you adding “but today you have to do something really dirty, you have to eat my man’s ass.” She says that she finds the more degrading things are the more turned on you seem to be. Her Man is kneeling on the bed with his ass up and Raevyn runs her hands over it, even spreads his ass cheeks so you can see his asshole which you will be licking soon. She pulls back her shirt to reveal her pussy and as she touches herself she tells you about how hard he just fucked her. “It’s still tingling” she says. She tells you that he’s a real man and you’re not but you can close your eyes when licking his ass and pretends it’s her pussy.

She orders you to get your nose between his ass cheeks and while at it you can reach up and stroke his cock too. “Maybe he’ll get hard again and want to fuck me some more. He can never get enough of fucking me just like I can’t get enough of humiliating you.” Raevyn gets his ass cheeks spread and says she told him to keep it dirty for you. “I want my man’s ass on your breath” she tells you. She says your friends will probably smell it and say “Your breath smells like ass, man” and the joke is that it is actually man ass. Now Raevyn cups her lovers balls and makes you eat his ass. She wants you to show him how you will do anything she tells you to. “He already knows you suck his cum out of my pussy” she says, “and he thinks you’re disgusting.” Raevyn reminds you how low you are, how she can humiliate you, and while you are locked in chastity her man comes 2 or 3 times an hour. “Not only does he get to fuck me but he gets his ass eaten by you.” She tells you to tell her that you’re a man ass eater and that you love eating his ass, that you like it. “You can even oink like a p1g” she laughs. She decides she will have him face sit you until you are out and then he will get off your face and fuck her again. “Loser!”

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